$econdhand First Class

A thrift store fanatic shares her shopping secrets

Create a Thrift Store Shopping Kit

Measuring tape

A measuring tape is a must-have
tool for thrift store shopping

Prepare for a successful shopping experience by taking along a well-stocked kit. You should take some items on every trip. You’ll take other items depending on what you are looking for.

  • Measuring tape.
  • List of measurements and sizes for clothes.
  • Take sizes on labels with a big shaker of salt. Not all companies use the same sizing charts, so a size 8 in Ann Taylor® could be different from a size 8 in Jones New York®.
    Also, sometimes an item is donated because of shrinkage. The shirt may have entered the dryer as a size 12 but exited as a 10. Shrinkage can work in a thrift shopper’s favor in that items are often preshrunk when you buy them secondhand. However, shrinkage throws the sizing out the window. So always try on or measure if in doubt.
  • List of measurements or sizes for items such as rugs, curtains, or furniture such as sofa or table. Also, bring color samples if you are trying to match something.
  • A magnet if you are in the market for metal goods or pieces with hardware. Magnets can help you determine if an item, such as brass lamp or buckle, is plated or solid. If the item is plated and the base metal is iron, the magnet will stick.
  • A magnifying glass for reading small print, such as the marks on jewelry.
  • Light bulbs for checking out lamps.
  • Batteries for testing clocks, toys, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Create a Thrift Store Shopping Kit

  1. ejhubler on said:

    Your advice really helped out recently when I was looking for a old time radio/tape player to use when exercising! I took a collection of batteries to try out. Found one that I loved but did not work but after going to another thrift store I found just the right one and was sure it worked! Now I can listen to the 100 tapes I still have on my walkss Thanks for the tip.

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