$econdhand First Class

A thrift store fanatic shares her shopping secrets

Plan for More Savings

You already know you can save scads by shopping at thrift stores. But, with a little planning, you can save even more.

  • Grab the discounts. Many stores offer 10-15% discounts for seniors, military, and other groups.
  • Shop sale days. Some stores have regular sale days, offering discounts such as 25% off all merchandise.
  • Track your item. Some stores, such as Goodwill®, tag merchandise with a color coding system that identifies “old” merchandise. For example, a jacket comes in the first week of the month. That week, all clothing gets tagged with a red label. Four weeks later, anything with a red label is discounted by 50%. You save even more!
  • Shop after holidays. Just like regular retailers, thrift store operators need to clear out seasonal items after holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Shop early for the best selection.

If you don’t see signs about sale or discounts, ask the cashier.

While you’re chatting with the cashier, ask if there are specific days when a truck is unloaded and the merchandise is priced and stocked. On those days, you get first pick at fresh merchandise.

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