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Thrift Stores: Party Supply Central


Examples of vases I bought
at a local thrift store

Planning a party and want to wow guests with your creativity and decorating flair? On a limited budget? Don’t worry! Light out for your local thrift store to pick up bargain-priced party supplies and ideas. Since supplies are limited by donations, you might have to visit a couple of thrift stores to get all you need.

  • Candles. Nothing sets a mood like candles. You’ll find candles of all sizes and shapes at many thrift stores: tapers, pillars, tea lights, etc. Mix the colors and sizes for an interesting effect. If you plan to light the candles, check the label on the candle base to make sure the candle was made in the U.S.A. or that the wick is lead-free. Candles made in the U.S.A since 1993 have lead-free wicks.
  • Candle holders. Buy an armload of small juice glasses or tumblers to display your small candles. Or pick up a variety of mismatched cups or small planters. To stabilize the candle in the container, put sand in the glass first, then nestle the candle into the sand.
  • Napkins. Mix and match is the key. Mix a print with a coordinating solid. Or pair solids that match your theme, for example yellow and white for spring.
  • Vases. People get vases in floral arrangements and toss the vase after the flowers fade. You can find large and small vases galore at thrift stores.
  • Glassware. Short of goblets, wine glasses, or just plain any-kind-of glasses? You’re likely to find shelves of glasses at a thrift store, just waiting to make your guests’ drinks memorable. Check for chips by running your fingertip around the rim of the glass and the base.
  • Wreaths. Looking for sprigs of greenery to brighten a table? Pick up a few wreaths and pull out the greenery you want. Toss, recycle, or donate what you don’t use.
  • Ribbons and lace. Tie those sprigs of greenery with bits of ribbon and lace. Give the wine bottles a festive look with lace wrapping. Loop different colors of ribbon around the wine glasses so guests can identify theirs.

Once you start browsing, you’ll find dozens of ideas to make your guests say wow!

Happy thrifting!


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